Voicemail To Email with Transcription


Masergy Voicemail Transcription saves time and increases productivity. No longer will you have to listen to your voicemail messages when you can read them. The transcribed messages are also known as voice to text (V2T). The V2T is a best effort speech recognition in converting your voicemail message to written text and you also get an email that has the text and an audio file attached

We have two levels of service:

  • Machine
  • Human Assisted

You simply add the service to any and all of your users. A voicemail is left and it goes to Masergy transcription service. A secure computer listens to the message. Then it emails it directly back to your e-mail address with an attachment of the message left and the transcribed message in the body of the e-mail.

If you require a more accurate transcription then use the Human Assisted Voicemail Transcription Service. After the message is transcribed by computer, if the computer is confident it will just email you the text, but if it believes there might be errors, then the message is sent to a live person to listen to your message and double check the transcription. The Human Assisted service has an additional charge. The entire process is handled with in a few minutes.

For further details please talk to your system administrator or contact Client Services at 611 from any of your Masergy phones.


Enhanced Voice Messaging User Guide
Voicemail Transcription Data Sheet