Cloud IVR


Masergy has proudly partnered with Inference Solutions, a leader in the development of award winning, voice automation applications. What sets Inference apart is our core technology, which is the result of many years research into the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is now simpler than ever to automate calls that organizations would otherwise need people to handle, in turn saving them money and enabling new functionality.

With the release of Inference Studio, customers are now able to manage all of your customer’s IVR calls from a single point. A simple web interface enables users to develop the IVR call flows with ease, making Inference Studio a true service creation environment.

Inference IVR applications can be standalone or used in combination to provide an end-to-end solution, and available to Masergy’s customers on the UC Hosted solutions or premise based systems. Inference offers a wide range of packaged self-service applications that complement and enhance Unified Communications and Call Center offerings for enterprise businesses. The self-service solutions are proven to be faster and less expensive to deploy, while providing higher quality customer outcomes than previously possible.

Inference Solutions offers a flexible approach to solution delivery so that our products can be implemented in the easiest, most cost-effective manner for your business.

Our self-service cloud means you don’t have to invest in new infrastructure to take advantage of our solutions that are flexible enough to work with your existing architecture.

IVR Applications – Flexible and Relevant

The IVR applications are based on a core technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to develop voice applications that are faster and cheaper to deploy, using both natural language and directed speech can be maintained by clients in real-time are designed by expert Voice User Interface (VUI) designers to cater for both novice and experienced callers to achieve very high customer satisfaction ratings.

We offer packaged voice automation application, such as:

  • Inference Studio – Simple Graphical Interface for creation and management of your IVR Applications
  • Inference Receptionist – Speech Recognition Automated Attendant and more
  • Inference Survey – Post Call Survey or Order Taker
  • Inference Locator – Location and specialized call handling
  • Inference Appointment – Appointment Reminder and more
  • Inference Connect – Simple Preview Dialer and more
  • Custom Applications for any enterprise business requirements

The Masergy Cloud IVR Solution supports the following types of interactions:

  • Touch-tone (DTMF)
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

The IVR Applications can be deployed using the above interactive capabilities in any combination that suits your business application needs. Masergy’s Cloud delivered IVR solution provides a business with compelling justifications for investment in voice automation applications with quick deployment.

Customers can be easily instructed on how to create and deploy your own business IVR applications and Masergy Professional Services is always here to help and assist as well. For more information and pricing please contact your sales representative.