Series Completion Service

Mitigate Busy Signals for Customers

Create an ordered list of users for call overflows with Masergy Series Completion Service. Unlike hunt groups that use separate phone numbers, the Masergy Series Completion Service allows all calls to trigger the hunting capability.

Simple Set Up

Masergy Series Completion is initiated for any call terminating on a member of the series completion group. IT administrators create an ordered list of users making up the series completion group. A Masergy Series Completion Service group can be viewed as a call forward busy chain, among selected members of a group.

Support For KTS

Masergy Series Completion Service enables key telephone system (KTS) lines to be placed in a series completion arrangement. This allows incoming calls to any line (or key) to hunt for the next idle line. When using series completion to support a KTS, other complementary services assigned to users in the series completion group are used by the service, since Series Completion uses user services, unlike Hunt Groups.