Advanced Call Management


Masergy’s Advanced Call Management provides a simple, powerful solution to qualify, route, and manage inbound calls. The Masergy Cloud Communications Solution provides a simple, cost effective solution for inbound and outbound phone call management and routing. Masergy’s Hosted Unified Communication solution is very easy to use, is completely customizable to fit any business need, and works for calls to any destination or phone.

Take control of inbound phone calls by sending direct callers to your own custom Automated Attendant (sometimes referred to as an IVR) to qualify them any way your business requires. Masergy’s advanced call management platform can then route them to an internal Hunt Group, Call Center, or directly to an extension. Businesses may route each caller optimally based on their location, what they’re calling about, the day and time, or any way the business requires. If no one answers, then the caller may be routed to a receptionist or voicemail box. In large enterprises, Masergy makes it easy to keep tabs on inbound/outbound call activity and the performance of each business location or individuals via Masergy Call Reports call accounting.

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