Conference Bridge


This service allows an administrator and a Bridge moderator (elevated user) to create, configure, and manage multi-party conference bridge calls called “conferences” in this document. The conference bridge is also known as the Meet-me Conferencing service.

The Conferencing service allows group administrators and a bridge moderator to create multi-port conference bridges that can be used by members of the group and external parties to hold scheduled, recurring, reservationless, and ad-hoc conferences. Groups who subscribe to the Conferencing service are allocated a maximum number of conference ports (by default 6 ports) that may be used simultaneously. Each bridge code or meeting can accept as many participants as there are ports available for that group.

For instance, if a group is allocated 10 ports, the group administrator could use them to create a six-port bridge and a smaller four-port bridge. In fact, this division is done dynamically. A bridge moderator has access to a bridge management portal that is integrated into the Masergy Personal portal. The portal allows for creating and managing bridges before the conference as well as moderating a live conference by adding, removing, muting, holding, and retrieving participants. The Bridge moderator will get the information (phone number and pin) and distribute the information as needed. Participants can dial into the conference or be added by the Bridge moderator.

The moderator has access to enhanced functions during the conference:

  • Separate Access codes for Moderators and Participants
  • Selective muting
  • Roll call (service can record and announce participants’ names as they join)
  • Recording & Recording Playback
  • DTMF menus
  • Lecture Mode (optional) Mutes all participants as they enter
  • HD Audio quality
  • Music on Hold Muting
  • Enhanced DTMF menus (Conferencing User Guide)