Masergy Fax Solutions

Masergy’s Virtual Fax allows your business to have published a 10-digit phone number for a fax assigned by Masergy. When someone sends a fax to this number, Masergy automatically sends you a Fax file (.PDF) attached to an email address for your choice. Now a business can easily deploy fax services for all the departments without the added cost or overhead of purchasing multiple fax machines and the maintenance associated with them. No more lost faxes or paper jams with Masergy’s Virtual Fax service.

  • Masergy assigns each Virtual Fax number to an email address. If you would like the fax sent to a distribution list; you simply set this up on your e-mail server as a group, or put a rule on your e-mail to forward. There is also a web portal for users to access their account to view received faxes.
  • All Virtual Fax are received in the privacy of the recipient’s e-mail mailbox for viewing. The recipient can then decide whether or not to print a paper copy, forward the fax on to others, or save the fax document to the clients CRM records.
  • Masergy Fax Line even offers the ability of connecting existing analog fax machines to your business enterprise IP network called Masergy Fax Line. The fax machine is connected via an adapter called a Fax Terminal Adapter (FTA).

Key Features of the Fax Terminal Adapter

  • Special HTTP firmware on the FTA for connection to a fax machines
  • The FTA communicates directly with a fax machine and captures the fax image locally. It then uploads the image using HTTP to a fax server. The fax server relays the fax using land lines to its final destination
  • If a client wants to use an existing number, the number has to be ported to Masergy
  • All incoming and outgoing faxes may be viewed or retrieved from a web portal
  • The FTA does not support POTS connectivity except for connectivity to a fax machine
  • A web portal is available for users to access their account to view sent and received faxes