Park Orbits or Hold/Retrieve


Park Orbits utilize a feature called Automatic Hold/Retrieve (AHR.) This service provides an alternate method to Park or hold and retrieve calls for Masergy users. This service is assigned to an extension so that their incoming calls are automatically held and retrieved without having to use feature access codes or the Park button. This service is useful for attendants who handle many incoming calls, by allowing them to hold calls simply by transferring them to dedicated Park Orbits. An alternative solution to Park Orbits is Call Park.

The Automatic Hold/Retrieve service is commonly used by receptionists operating attendant consoles. There will be a group of extensions, for example X600, X601, and X602. These extension would be new and not shared with any users or other devices.

The receptionist answers the call, gathers information from the caller, and then transfers the call X600. The caller is held and listens to Music on Hold while waiting. The receptionist then communicates with the person who should get the call, and provides him/her with the extension against which the call is held (In this example X600). That person calls the extension and retrieves the call that is on hold just by calling 600. Only one call can be held at a Park Orbit at once.

This service (Automatic Hold/Retrieve) should never be turned on for a user with a device. It should only be used for Park Orbit. A user would not be able to make or receive calls with this service enabled. Also, the Application Server does not allow emergency and maintenance calls to go through. The default state for Automatic Hold/Retrieve is “Off”. Speak to Client Services to find out more about this service.

There is also a customizable Recall Timer – The Automatic Hold/Retrieve recall functionality is activated after a call has been held for the value specified for this attribute. These attributes can be set by end users, group administrators, and administrators using the web portal.

How to

  • Log into the web portal as the admin.
  • Go to users.
  • Find the extension, usually named Call Park or Park Orbit.
  • Go to incoming calls.
  • Click on Automatic Hold/Retrieve.
  • Enable the feature and set the timer in seconds.
    This timer means that calls will ring back to the receptionist after say, 10 minutes if the call was not

Calls ring back to the extension from which it was transferred. The Park Orbit should have only the Utility Line assigned and no other service packs.