In the past, all call recording was handled with a lawful intercept capability which provided very limited functionality. The SIPREC service provides enhanced controls and a tighter integration between the Hosted UC and Call Recording platform. This new enhancement allows for the ability to have the following controls available during any recorded call such as: Start, Stop, Resume, and Pause. These call recording controls are available on any Polycom VVX series telephone via the soft keys.

Other Polycom telephones would use the feature access control star codes (FAC). The SIPREC service’s inherent capability now allows for Record on Demand which can capture the entire recorded call from the beginning of a call once activated. Call Recording Announcements can also be played to notify all parties of the call recording status as an option.

Common Use Case

SIPREC service feature is automatically included with all Hosted Call Recording service when enabled on business accounts that want to do either 100% call recording or Record On Demand with user initated.