Third-Party Voice Mail Support


The Third-Party Voice Mail Support service facilitates the support and integration of an external voice mail platform. This capability is required to deploy Masergy with a third-party voice mail platform, while retaining the integration of voice mail with other Masergy services. When Third-Party Voice Mail Support is used with Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications Server the system has many features. Including Voice Activated Options:

The messages are stored on the exchanger or hosted exchange server. This feature allows forwarding of busy and/or unanswered calls to an external voice messaging platform. The maximum number of rings for the No-Answer timer is 20. Incoming calls that reach a busy or no-answer condition are redirected to the third-party messaging server configured for the group. Once the call is answered by the third-party messaging system, the call control is handed off to the messaging system for further processing.

How To

Users of the Third-Party Voice Mail Support service who are configured to use the external voice mail platform are able to retrieve their voice messages by:

In addition, users of the Third-Party Voice Mail Support service are always able to retrieve their voice messages by:

In cases 1 and 2, Masergy redirects the call to the external voice mail platform, which allows the users to retrieve their messages through the applicable procedure.