• Masergy Customer Testimonial – Andy Jackson, CIO Allied Electronics

    Allied Electronics is one of the largest distributors of electronic components and electromechanical products in North America. Since 2011, their VP and Chief Information Officer Andy Jackson has led the company's digital transformation. Learn how Andy partnered with Masergy to implement managed SD-WAN solutions that increased their overall bandwidth by 73% (and by 400% at some locations).

  • Masergy Managed SD-WAN: Solutions to Compete in The Digital Age

    Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN is unique because it’s built on Masergy’s software-defined network for industry-leading performance and one portal for real-time analytics and control.

  • Masergy Customer Testimonial: Bhavya Desai – VP of IT, Ashley Furniture

    Overseeing IT infrastructure and eCommerce at Ashley Furniture, VP of IT Bhavya Desai, discusses digital transformation and the need for faster internet access at every store. Today, Ashley leverages Masergy to increase customer conversion rates and reduce check-out times.

  • Don’t Fear What’s Next. Be What’s Next With Masergy.

    Today’s enterprises face a rapidly transforming IT landscape that requires them to operate at the speed of next. Finding the right technology partner to stay ahead of the pace of transformation can mean the difference between dominance and defeat.

  • Masergy Customer Testimonial: Don Knutson – CIO, Entegris

    CIO Don Knutson explains why Entegris switched to Masergy’s hybrid networking service after 15 years with one of the big-five providers. With global performance reliability, Knutson’s recounts how his early skepticism morphed into advocacy for Masergy.

  • Masergy Customer Testimonial: Joe Whitney – VP, Weber-Stephen

    Joe Whitney, VP of Global IT Infrastructure at Weber-Stephen Products, discusses the company’s three IT initiatives and the rejuvenation project that enabled global communications, business intelligence, cost savings, and a standardized user experience.

  • Minimize Searching to Maximize Productivity with Masergy Connect

    Masergy Connect is a mobile unified communications app for the enterprise. Use this app to break down the data silos at your company to unite your voice calls, instant messages, emails, calendars, cloud-based documents, and social media to give clarity and context to your business communications. Download Masergy Connect to your Apple iOS and Google Android devices today.

  • How to Choose the Perfect Managed Service Provider

    Digital transformation is upon us, and many IT leaders are turning to managed service providers to help them drive the necessary change. However, not all managed service providers are the same. An IDG study reveals what matters most when selecting a provider and the three elements that help you distinguish the best managed services providers.

  • Evolve Your WAN to be Truly Software Defined

    An IDG study reveals that IT leaders recognize the value of software-defined WANs, and the move to the cloud is driving higher adoption rates. But how do you effectively leverage SD-WAN?

  • Masergy “a revelation” for the CTO of Profit Enhancement Systems

    After years as the CIO for Panavision, John Buccola became the CTO for IT consultancy Profit Enhancement Systems (PES). See how his years of partnering with Masergy to deliver innovative solutions made John a vocal supporter of Masergy Hybrid Networking, Managed Security, and Cloud Communications solutions.