Amgen Makes A Strategic Move to Flexible Connectivity with Masergy

Amgen Makes A Strategic Move to Flexible Connectivity with Masergy

With Masergy’s global network, Amgen gained seamless connectivity, flexibility, and speed needed to deliver faster to its customers, partners and employees worldwide.


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I’m Denis Zerr. I’m the VP of Enterprise IS and Technology Services at Amgen, the largest, or one of the largest, biotechnology company in the world.

The transition to Masergy came also with an effort to move to or to change our data center and hosting strategy. The main change has been for us to have the right connectivity, but also flexibility and speed, and I think that the notion of flexibility, which means we’re able to quickly throttle or change bandwidth and do that fast especially as go to more and more country.

Amgen is developing internationally quite significantly and regularly by having new partnerships, new sales offices, and so on and so forth. So the notion of having connectivity, highly reliable, you’re capable to change based on our needs, and be able to do that quickly were essential, and that’s exactly what we got with Masergy.

What I would tell clearly my peers of the value of Masergy it is clearly the customer experience and the service quality, first and foremost, so that we can offer connectivity or we can connect new business partners, have new services being offered even internally, and with the flexibility and the speed of delivery, that our consumers or partners require. And this is clearly a differentiating factor compared to more the traditional service provided within that space.


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