Becomes More Scalable with Masergy Hybrid Networking Becomes More Scalable with Masergy Hybrid Networking

Deal Daly, VP of IT at talks about the need for highly available computing resources and how Masergy’s global MPLS network was a perfect fit with its scalable and adaptable platform.


Full Transcription


My name’s Deal Daly. I’m the Vice President of IT For Ancestry’s the world’s largest family history online resource. We call ourselves a hyperscale web company. We have large offices with multiple large functions like data manufacturing, marketing, and IT, both infrastructure and development functions. All of them need highly available computing resources at all of the sites for collaboration, and the Masergy MPLS Network does a great job in terms of being agile enough to scale with our needs as we grow as a company.

Our teams work collaboratively with the Masergy teams to deploy the customized MPLS Network to all of our global sites, and the level of collaboration and design work and implementation was one that we were very happy to find with the Masergy team.

The MPLS Network, as a solution, is a more scalable, more adaptable network for us to work with for our employees and our sites.

Another significant factor was the type of support that Masergy provides. With Masergy, it’s much more dynamic, much more real-time. We have almost no downtime at all, and failovers are completely transparent, so we have not had any outages since we’ve started.

What I advise teams and leaders in other companies is that the change can be very invigorating for a staff. It provides a lot of positive motivation for staff to investigate new technologies. They come invigorated by it. I think they just have to be more open to accepting the challenge to drive a little more transformation in their own business and to allow their staff to be innovative.


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