Andy Ballema, Cloud Services Manager at CDW

Andy Ballema, Cloud Services Manager at CDW

Hear why this leading provider of integrated information technology solutions believes Masergy’s services and support for their enterprise customers is “heads and tails above” all competitors.


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What makes Masergy so inovative in our marketplace today really focuses around their core products, Managed Security, Hybrid Networking, and Cloud Communications.

Customers today have many, many pain points when dealing with their IT solutions and how they consume their technologies today. I strongly believe that Masergy really takes a different approach to how customers consume specifically their solutions.

What excites me most about Masergy’s Managed Security offering, it really is a fully managed solution. Customers can use existing equipment and gear that they already have and Masergy can really come in and manage the whole stack for them and allow customers to have security from within their corporation and not worry about a tax coming in from the inside.

When you look at Hybrid Networking with Masergy, they’re really heads and tails above everybody else I believe. It really is game changing when we look at how customers are networking their businesses today. And then with Cloud Communications, super exciting time right now and specifically with Masergy around UCaaS and how we’re delivering voice communications to our customers today, I think that Masergy has separated themselves there as well.

As it relates to Masergy’s customer service, customers that we see within our business that have solutions with Masergy today really feel as though it’s a hands-off approach where the customers don’t really have to worry about things going down, they don’t have to worry about things getting escalated in a timely manner. Everything is done hand-holding all across from start to finish, really an acceptable experience for customers across the board.