Darren DeMartino, Co-founder of Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC)

Darren DeMartino, Co-founder of Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC)

The founder of ATC is excited about the unique value of Masergy Hybrid Networking, Managed Security and Cloud Communications solutions.


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I think what makes Masergy so innovative is the people and the commitment to bring out new products and stay ahead of the marketplace. Whether it be their managed security product, their hybrid networking, or their cloud communications, I truly believe they’re the most innovative company in the industry.

What makes Masergy truly unique and excites me is the ability to have a company that can offer a hybrid network that has the latest and greatest technologies, wrap it with cloud communication, which everyone is looking for, and then the managed security product is something that’s revolutionary and no one else has so I think Masergy with all these components is truly the best company in the industry to partner with.

What I would say about Masergy is they are hands-down, the best company in the industry to work with. If you have a client that is looking for a global network, a managed security network, or cloud communications, you definitely need to talk to Masergy. They are the best.

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