Encore Capital CIO: “Continuous Innovation” With Masergy

Encore Capital CIO: “Continuous Innovation” With Masergy

Carl Eberling, CIO of Encore Capital, discusses how Masergy enables him to explore blockchain technology and be more strategic with his IT investments.


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I’m Carl Eberling, CIO of Encore Capital Group. We are a financial services firm and we operate about 15 countries and deploy close to 3 billion in capital a year. We’re a heavily regulated business, so we have quite a menagerie of applications. We have large centers of population both in India as well as in Europe, so connecting those back into our multiple call centers here in the US is pretty important.

The types of applications and traffic that we’re really running across here today, clear to everything from salesforce.com to in-house applications that have been built on Legacy, iSeries mainframe applications that have been running for 35 years.

We’re keen to evolve and engage in the blockchain space. We believe that there’s some big opportunities there for the relationships that we have with the banks, and how we manage those relationships ongoing. So, protecting that data, protecting that information, is something that is absolutely critical to what we do.

It really comes down to modernization efforts that we’ve looked at across the different applications, making sure that we have platforms that are flexible, and able to adjust to an ever-altering regulatory environment. First I was introduced to Masergy, I’d say, a little over three years ago. It caught our attention and we’ve now been growing pretty significantly. I think the heart of Masergy is the idea of Managed Services.

Our job as IT professionals really is to continuously bring innovation to the table. You know if we’re spending our time worried about email, or voicemail server or the like, things that are commodity services, then we really not fulfilling our obligations to the business. I want my people to spending less time on those things that we can set aside or offer up to a service partners and more time than strategically engage with our business.

If I found one thing with Masergy, its been the ability to at least go after what is really a complex element for a lot of shops networking, telcom enlarring on top of that and been able to simplify that. It’s really about how do we simplify.

If I’m able to simplify those things that are a core to being able to get the work done, but yet not essential to differentiation, allows me to really spent my energy and time to things that are do differentiate for the business. If I were talking to a CIO today that hadn’t heard of Masergy, I would be a bit suprised but I will also think that this probably be a CIO that hasn’t been doing their homework.

With over 1,200 customers in the Masergy poll, I sure would think that they would have come across them by now. And if they hadn’t, they’re really aren’t looking around.