Eurostar Uses Masergy To Accelerate Their IT Performance

Eurostar Uses Masergy To Accelerate Their IT Performance

Guillaume Turpin, IT Architecture Manager for Eurostar, explains how Masergy helped this UK-based train operator to be more innovative and productive.


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Eurostar is a train operator. We are based in the UK in London and my role, I’m a technical architecture manager so I manage a team of technical architects and we design infrastructure solutions for our business. We have now all our servers and applications hosted on Amazon Web Services. We really want to do more with that and to be more agile. We are trained to add more and more in to cloud. But of course network is important to access these cloud services.

Eurostar uses Masergy Global Networks and we also look at security and internet connectivity. We also have a lot of projects around unified communications. We want a way to improve the way we use telephony and we share information. We appreciate that the Masergy network is very stable so we don’t have any issues with it an it works all the time which is really important for us. We think that it’s important to get the security really involved with the network and within the network so the provider can dictate issues quicker and faster than what we would do, so the solutions provided by Masergy were really interesting.

I think we understand that Eurostar, for a small or medium company, it’s difficult to get all the security resources and tools to manage the security properly. It’s important that some companies like Masergy have the capabilities to bring the whole security infrastructure that can be used by their customers and can do some things that we couldn’t do internally.

We have a small team and having our provider managing all this stuff for us and the support and the operations gives us the ability to work more on critical projects and to have a more close relationship with our business to help them to develop solutions for them, so it’s good that Masergy can manage that for us in a good way and give us reports and alerts when we need them, but we’re not too much involved with the BAU stuff. We have more time for Eurostar than for just managing IT infrastructures.