Evolve Your WAN to be Truly Software Defined

Evolve Your WAN to be Truly Software Defined

An IDG study reveals that IT leaders recognize the value of software-defined WANs, and the move to the cloud is driving higher adoption rates. But how do you effectively leverage SD-WAN?


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IT leaders recognize the value of software defined wide area networks. According to a new IDG survey. The move to the cloud is helping drive interest. As is the adoption of new bandwidth intensive applications. When it comes to adopting software defined wide area networks, you can augment or replace. The majority of survey respondents are choosing to augment their networks and it’s clear why.

By implementing an SD WAN in a hybrid fashion, IT leaders can strike the balance between price and performance by application, by user and by location. SD WAN does require a certain amount of configuration and maintenance. And survey respondents have concerns about interoperability, cost and the skills needed for implementation. But a maned service provider like Masergy can take over those tasks with a turnkey solution. And just like that, you get all the advantages of a software defined wide area network with none of the headaches.

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