Gain Omni-channel flexibility with Masergy Cloud Contact Center

Gain Omni-channel flexibility with Masergy Cloud Contact Center

Route all customer interactions–over voice, instant messaging, email, SMS and social media–to one or more teams, sites, or outsource partners. With Masergy Cloud Contact Center you get a single, global queue in the cloud to maximize your customers’ satisfaction.


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Delivering a superior customer experience is more challenging than ever. You have more touch points to manage, more data to analyze, and a disperse contact center work force too complex and costly to support with today’s aging on-premise systems. The good news is that the cloud is re-writing the rules for how your business can meet and exceed customer expectations. Now you can experience the full benefits of the cloud, with Masergy Cloud Contact Center.

Masergy Cloud Contact Center is a data driven solution, that lowers your operating costs, and improves business outcomes, while allowing you to engage with customers from any channel they choose, be it voice, email, text, web or social media, for a true omni-channel experience. Imagine having data analytics to predict how a customer will act, based on past interactions and agent performance. So you know they’re likelihood to churn, to abandon a call, or a be upsold, even before the customer speaks a single word. No more simply routing customers to the next available agent. Now, analytics will connect them with the right agent, with the right skills, at the right time, regardless of where the customer is calling from, or where the agent is located.

Imagine the productivity gains you’d realize if your contact center agents had one unified environment for all customer communications, voice, email, chat, and web. Consider the business impact if your agents had one click chat, voice, and video access to subject matter experts throughout your enterprise. If your contact center managers had a unified dashboard to know exactly how agents were performing across all channels, in real time, delivered by a provider with a proven record of delivering complex, unified communications deployments, on a solution designed and built for the cloud, with 99.999% up-time, and hardened security.

You don’t have to imagine anymore because this is the data-driven customer experience Masergy cloud contact delivers. Already using Salesforce>? Cloud contact center plugs seamlessly into the same interface, and Masergy engineers can even set-up a hybrid premise and cloud environment. So you can gracefully migrate your contact center to the cloud without inexpensive “rip and replace” approach.

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