Get Everything in One Place with Masergy Communicator HUB

Get Everything in One Place with Masergy Communicator HUB

Masergy Communicator HUB provides context to your business communications by bringing everything together in a single, cloud-based work environment. Communicator HUB “connects the dots” between who you’re communicating with and the emails, files, social media engagements, and messages you’ve shared with that person. With Communicator HUB each and every call, text, or chat happens in context, with the insights and data you need to strengthen your business.


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All the calls we make, the documents we share, and the emails we send, they all create a problem. And the more we share, the bigger that problem gets. In fact, we’re frustrated by poorly integrated communications technologies, by multiple applications, and poor user experiences. Instead of meaningful conversations with everything we need at our fingertips, we’re forced to search for files, lost attachments, and abundant emails. It’s even worse if we’re on the move. When your boss needs the presentation and you can’t find it.

But there’s a simple solution that puts everything into context. Masergy Communicator Hub unites all your communications and apps together in a single cloud based workspace, and because all your applications are in one place, your emails, messages, notes, files, and documents are too, which means every interaction happens in context, with the insights and data you need to do your job.

At your desk, Masergy Communicator Hub enhances productivity. On the move when document are harder to find, Masergy becomes essential, and when you’re collaborating with colleagues, Masergy Communicator Hub delivers contextual search with just one click. Masergy Communicator Hub makes administrators’ lives easier too.Top cloud applications from Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Twitter are pre-integrated by default. Setup takes seconds, with no need for help from IT.

At Masergy, we believe better communication builds stronger businesses, that collaboration should be second nature, conversations happen in context, and everything you use should be in one place, and now it is, with Masergy Communicator Hub. Contact us to learn how to unify your business communications in a single, cloud based work environment.