Haldex Made Their IT More Dynamic Using Masergy

Haldex Made Their IT More Dynamic Using Masergy

See how Per Eriksson, CIO of Haldex, converged his numerous IT platforms into the cloud with innovative solutions from Masergy.


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My name is Per Eriksson and my role at Haldex is I’m Vice President of ICT and CIO, responsible of the network and the systems of the company. ICT stands for Information, Communication and Technology. Haldex is a part of the commercial vehicle industry in producing and manufacturing brakes to heavy trucks and trains all over the world.

I’m based out of a small city called Landskrona Sweden, where we also have our headquarters. Our biggest facilities where we operate is in the US, China, India, Sweden of course, Hungary and Germany. A big project that we’re working with now is to merge all together into one platform. So our challenge is today that we are moving from a little bit of a divested network into one unified network.

Together with Masergy, both on the primary lines and the back up line. On the unified communication piece we are now merging worlds. So at the simultaneous, at the same time, we were doing a big upgrade on our EOP platform. So Haldex have a clear Microsoft spread where we launch everything into a Microsoft platform. So with the Masergy platform, that’s a very fundamental and strategic platform for us to operate our Microsoft platform with all the tools together like our EOP system, dynamics, our Skype for business, our Office 365 in the Cloud.

And also a very great benefit is that we have a direct link to Microsoft Cloud, through Masergy’s services. Switching over to Masergy has, I think created a more dynamic world for us. More dynamic service, where we can scale and scale down. Of course, everybody claims that you can scale up or scale down, but with Masergy we have really seen proof of that we can scale up and scale down, and as working with Masergy is more like working with your internal organization.

It’s like Haldex. Haldex is an underdog. We have a lot of big competition. And we are the small underdog that is constantly nagging on the big one, and we get the same feeling on Masergy, a quick one, it’s a speed boat, it’s not a tanker that takes forever to turn around. When you call them, you always get the response, you get quick feedback, and even if they can’t do it, they always try to do it. They haven’t failed so far.