HOP Energy Reduced Monthly IT Costs By 60% Using Masergy

HOP Energy Reduced Monthly IT Costs By 60% Using Masergy

HOP Energy gained unmatched network visibility, real-time analytics and significant cost savings after a seamless migration to Masergy’s software defined WAN.


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My name is Kristopher Masilamani. I’m the director of network operations for HOP Energy. HOP Energy is a heating oil company based out of the Northeast United States. We have 26 branch offices. Our main IT challenge,and the reason for us to start looking for a new provider, was the lack of visibility of my network. To manage 26 locations and not know what’s going on in each location is very difficult.

One of the top reasons I picked Masergy was the web portal. That gave me visibility of my network, and that was a high priority for me because if I can see what’s going on on a network, that reduces the amount of downtime for me, because then I can be proactive. Masergy custom-designed our failover plans at the data center. If any one component was to fail, there was a backup built into the design, and that, for me, was a huge plus. The implementation time table was during one of our busy seasons since we are a heating oil company, but the need was there.

One of the benefits in this whole migration was Masergy brought in their own circuits, so we were able to independently test the circuits, make sure the knock had visibility of the circuits before cutting over. And when it came to cutting over, it was just basically moving a wire from one switch to a Masergy-managed switch, and that was it. The immediate impact we had on our network after switching over to Masergy was the reduction of calls to our support desk. And to put numbers to this, being a year with the Masergy service, we’ve actually renegotiated our contract with the support desk, and had a savings of 60%, monthly savings of 60%, on our cost to the support desk.

I would definitely recommend Masergy to any IT company. Based on the changes that we’ve experienced in our network and the benefits it has proven, it’s a win.