How Masergy Provides Scalability To Hudson Advisors

How Masergy Provides Scalability To Hudson Advisors

Dave Goodman, CTO and VP of information systems for Hudson Advisors discusses his reasons for choosing Masergy, chief among them global scale and a seamless customer experience.


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The customer service that I receive with Masergy is outstanding. It starts with the account team that’s assigned to us. Those guys are great. They’re actually looking out for me. I feel like, that they’re in the game for Hudson and Loan Star. And then it goes down to the support group. They’re very proactive, they’re calling me in the middle of the night if there’s an issue.

One of the great things that Masergy does for us, is in the provisioning process. We’re a growing company. We need to put in new circuits globally. And Masergy assigns a provisioning team to us, to work with us from that initial order, and we actually have weekly status meetings so that there are no surprises anywhere throughout the process. We know exactly what’s going on, up and through, until circuit delivery. So it’s a great process, versus some of the experiences that I’ve had, maybe with other vendors, where provisioning is just a nightmare.

We initially started as a voice over IP only, and we added video on top of it. And we did not have to change our underlying infrastructure. We just had to make a few configuration changes, and we had a video, up and running at the same time as our voice network, and at the same time that our real time business critical applications are running. So we’ve been extremely happy with that.

Masergy’s responsiveness is fantastic. If on the occasion that we do have an incident, the support team responds right away with phone calls and emails to my support team. They also provide us, an escalation path, so if, maybe the first level person is providing some information, we automatically know who we can go to in the organization, whether we need to or not, to get additional support or help on anything that we need.

The billing experience that we receive with Masergy is for me personally, unparalleled from any other provider. We get very simple invoices. I can read it, it tells me exactly what I have, which has not always been the case with other providers. And the fact that I ask for something, and it can be delivered through Masergy, is something that I’ve never experienced with any other telecom provider.

I think quality on a global network is key, when you’re delivering real time applications. And our business users expect those applications to just work. And that’s one of the things about Masergy that we really like. Our applications just work. I don’t have to worry about the infrastructure.