• Don’t Fear What’s Next. Be What’s Next With Masergy.

    Today’s enterprises face a rapidly transforming IT landscape that requires them to operate at the speed of next. Finding the right technology partner to stay ahead of the pace of transformation can mean the difference between dominance and defeat.

  • Masergy Customer Testimonial: Don Knutson – CIO, Entegris

    CIO Don Knutson explains why Entegris switched to Masergy’s hybrid networking service after 15 years with one of the big-five providers. With global performance reliability, Knutson’s recounts how his early skepticism morphed into advocacy for Masergy.

  • Masergy Customer Testimonial: Joe Whitney – VP, Weber-Stephen

    Joe Whitney, VP of Global IT Infrastructure at Weber-Stephen Products, discusses the company’s three IT initiatives and the rejuvenation project that enabled global communications, business intelligence, cost savings, and a standardized user experience.

  • Evolve Your WAN to be Truly Software Defined

    An IDG study reveals that IT leaders recognize the value of software-defined WANs, and the move to the cloud is driving higher adoption rates. But how do you effectively leverage SD-WAN?

  • Masergy “a revelation” for the CTO of Profit Enhancement Systems

    After years as the CIO for Panavision, John Buccola became the CTO for IT consultancy Profit Enhancement Systems (PES). See how his years of partnering with Masergy to deliver innovative solutions made John a vocal supporter of Masergy Hybrid Networking, Managed Security, and Cloud Communications solutions.

  • Masergy Provides Endless Possibilities For Your Company

    Whether you want to seamlessly connect your global locations, secure your digital assets or enhance collaboration – with Masergy, the possibilities are endless.

  • Encore Capital CIO: “Continuous Innovation” With Masergy

    Carl Eberling, CIO of Encore Capital, discusses how Masergy enables him to explore blockchain technology and be more strategic with his IT investments.

  • Haldex Made Their IT More Dynamic Using Masergy

    See how Per Eriksson, CIO of Haldex, converged his numerous IT platforms into the cloud with innovative solutions from Masergy.

  • How Pattonair Leverages Masergy Hybrid Networking

    Pattonair is a global supply chain service provider of aircraft engine and systems manufacturers. Hear from Brian Long, CIO of Pattonair on why he chose Masergy Hybrid Networking to provide a flexible, software-defined network platform to serve their customers on four continents.

  • How Masergy Hybrid Networking Is Customizable By Design

    Tim Naramore, CTO of Masergy, outlines how Masergy's Hybrid Networking solution stack with multiple connectivity options, unlimited virtualized environments and fully-managed network functions provide the agile foundation needed for today's global enterprises.