Jen Gallego, EVP of Channel Sales at AVANT

Jen Gallego, EVP of Channel Sales at AVANT

AVANT calls Masergy networking a “sell it and forget it” service and discusses the unique value of Masergy security and cloud communications offerings.


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Masergy stands alone. They have no competition.

If a partner isn’t talking to Masergy, they’re certainly missing the boat. With their innovative technology, from their cloud communications platform, to their hybrid networking offer, they stand apart from any of the traditional network providers that are out there.

In this day and age, there’s not a conversation with a customer where security isn’t part of the conversation. One of the biggest pain points that Masergy addresses is not only providing a high-quality network, they provide a unique service set as it related to their managed security products that many other service providers don’t offer today.

What’s so exciting about working with Masergy is that as they continue to innovate with these unique products, we’re getting educated. And we’re educating our customers on these offers, and we have the ability to offer these much needed services to our customers.

You sell a Masergy network and you forget it. They have the back office to support our customers from signature date all the way through until implementation and for years beyond.