Learn How Calypso Technologies Went Global With Masergy

Learn How Calypso Technologies Went Global With Masergy

See why Russell Wong, Global Director of IT at San Francisco-based Calypso Technologies, chose Masergy Cloud Communications to seamlessly connect all of their offices in North America, Europe and Asia to enable a new level of employee collaboration.


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My name’s Russel Wong, I’m a Global Director of IT for Calypso. Calypso’s a leading provider of front-to-back technology solutions
for financial markets. Our 20+ offices are in 10 different time zones, and so there’s a struggle to improve communication across that.
When I joined Calypso about two and a half years ago, we had a lot of disparate IT infrastructure, different technologies, no standards.
We had 20+ different phone system in 20 different offices. Different people to manage the systems, different people to call for help in the different locations. All the phone systems were not inter-connected and that just created havoc.

Masergy, powered by Cisco/BroadSoft, allowed us to look at all of our individual locations and make an assessment to see how we could bridge these 20 different despaired phone systems and improve that collaboration. Because of the Cisco/BroadSoft platform in Masergy, Masergy was able to get us local DIDs in the majority of our offices and give us a central point to manage our global phone system as much as possible
and really simplified our environment. We only have to focus on limited network connectivity, the proper networking, and the implementation of the phones, which then allowed us to deploy our offices quickly. So, we moved three major offices, Mumbai and Paris, and built a new office, Dublin, all because of the Masergy powered by Cisco/BroadSoft platform.

We have a lot of people in the professional services department, so they’re always traveling and, previously, they would have to give our their cellphone numbers and it would be kind of disjointed. Now, with the UC Communicator, they’re able to make the calls from their work number on their mobile devices, they’re able to receive calls when they’re out on the road. For disaster-recovery, we did not have a solution before. If something went wrong, that was just the way it was. Now, with the Masergy powered by Cisco/BroadSoft platform, we have the ability to, if necessary in a disaster, tell our users in these locations that they can take their phone home with the power adapter, plug it into their home network, and they connect in.

I’m most impressed by the ease of implementation and the global coverage that Masergy powered by Cisco/BroadSoft gives our company.
Giving our users the ability to do four-digit dialing, to have flexible seating, to have UC communications, all with really no complexity
from an implementation perspective was really a game-changer for us.