Masergy Customer Testimonial: Bhavya Desai – VP of IT, Ashley Furniture

Masergy Customer Testimonial: Bhavya Desai – VP of IT, Ashley Furniture

Overseeing IT infrastructure and eCommerce at Ashley Furniture, VP of IT Bhavya Desai, discusses digital transformation and the need for faster internet access at every store. Today, Ashley leverages Masergy to increase customer conversion rates and reduce check-out times.


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My name is Bhavya Desai. I’m the Senior Vice President of IT at Ashley Furniture Industries. My job encompasses of looking over global infrastructure for Ashley and also e-commerce and retail at Ashley Furniture. We are the number one furniture manufacturer in the world and we are also the number one furniture retailer in the United States.

Masergy for us has been an amazing partner. We are Masergy customer for five plus years at Ashley. We have been going through tremendous, tremendous growth as well as digital transformation. As we have been transforming, we are seeing that the newer systems are collecting data at an exponential rate, which means we need stronger, faster internet access in our stores and in our facilities.

Before Masergy, we had teams of circuits coming into our stores. That bandwidth was good enough to do our legacy systems but not good enough for the state-of-the-art systems that we are launching right now–which includes putting tablets in the stores. With Masergy, we have upgraded our circuits in all of our retail store locations where the bandwidth has become publicly available for our customers to use. That bandwidth absolutely increased our customer conversion rates in our stores, but at the same time it has also reduced the time it takes for our customers to check out in our stores. That’s helping us increase our revenue at the end of the day.

Before working for Ashley, I worked for several other corporations like KPMG and LexixNexis. I had never worked with Masergy before. This is the first time I’m working with Masergy, and I can tell you they have been an amazing partner for us. I would absolutely recommend Masergy if you haven’t looked at them from a competitive perspective.