Masergy Customer Testimonial: Don Knutson – CIO, Entegris

Masergy Customer Testimonial: Don Knutson – CIO, Entegris

CIO Don Knutson explains why Entegris switched to Masergy’s hybrid networking service after 15 years with one of the big-five providers. With global performance reliability, Knutson’s recounts how his early skepticism morphed into advocacy for Masergy.


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I’m Don Knutson, I’m the CIO at Entegris. Entegris is a global leading provider of yield enhancing materials and solutions for advanced material and manufacturing companies within the semiconductor and other high tech industries.

So, I’ve been with Entegris since 2001. I’ve been in my current position as a CIO for the last 5 1/2 years. We were, through mergers and acquisitions, you could say that we’ve been ,with our previous provider for about 15 years. And it was one of the big five providers. So, switching to Masergy was a very much a difficult decision.

We had frequent outages, and then when we did have outages we didn’t feel like we were getting the attention that we wanted. And the other thing was, we’re growing. So, our company, since I’ve been with the company we’ve grown from 200 million to 1.4 billion. So, we are very much in a growth industry, and we needed a partner that was willing to grow with us, and as we add new sites, would be with us in adding those sites in a very quick and responsive way, but also making sure that we have very high reliability and performance. Our contract with our existing WAN provider was up, and we decided we wanted to go out for bid.

Outages. So, that was the number one thing that we’re measuring as we went full live across the board, and we actually reported out for the second half of 2017. We’ve had zero outages. And, you know, from an overall service level, I would say the expectation to the end user has increased so much in the last five years. I always say, as the consumerization of IT, and people have all these smart phones, and they can get to so much information so quickly, they wanna get that same speed at the workplace. And the reality is, there is latency because we have locations all throughout the world and our applications are hosted back, in many cases back in the US. And so, one of the things that our challenges is, is not only managing those expectations, but looking at where is it that we need to provide those services.

So, I was hugely skeptical. I was like, there’s no way. My initial comment was I’ve never heard of them. There’s no way, why would we do this? And so I needed to come up to speed and understand what Masergy was all about, and basically what is their DNA. It took a little bit of education, and then I got intimately involved with the selection process, so during the interviews and the presentations, and that’s what really made the difference. So, my recommendation would be just listen to them. Listen to them and ask the questions, ask the hard questions and give them a chance. That’s what I did, and that’s how we ended up selecting them.