Masergy Customer Testimonial: Joe Whitney – VP, Weber-Stephen

Masergy Customer Testimonial: Joe Whitney – VP, Weber-Stephen

Joe Whitney, VP of Global IT Infrastructure at Weber-Stephen Products, discusses the company’s three IT initiatives and the rejuvenation project that enabled global communications, business intelligence, cost savings, and a standardized user experience.


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I’m Joe Whitney, I’m Vice President of Global Infrastructure for Weber-Stephen Products. We are a worldwide manufacturer and seller of grills.

I just joined Weber two years ago, and very early on it became clear to me that our global infrastructure was in a very immature state, both from a technology perspective as well as our ability to control and manage it. So we are two years into a two and a half year total IT infrastructure rebuild throughout the world. That is something that we’ve partnered heavily with Masergy on to execute.

At Weber, we have three global IT imperatives. The first having to do solely with the network, so first adding a global-wide area network, leveraging Masergy, which didn’t exist at Weber before.

Standardize and globalize our application portfolio, which then, downstream, allows us to do a much better job integrating our business reporting, business intelligence, things of that nature. But again, without that networking infrastructure foundation in place, we just couldn’t get there. Again, back to the globalization of Weber and pulling us together. Another major initiative, probably the second biggest one from a technology perspective at Weber, is digital.

So, going through and pulling 53 disparate, unconnected websites together into a common UX, end user experience. Which also had tremendous cost-savings potential.

As we put in things like Microsoft Offic 365, Skype for Business for audio and video collaboration, as well as real presence from Polycom to be able to do town halls and meetings and things of that nature, both with audio and video. And those types of things, we just couldn’t do before having a wide-area network in place, like we have now, with Masergy.

It really felt like Masergy was very interested, not only in our business, but understanding us as a company. It was very clear to me that they were willing to do whatever it takes in order to make the deal the right solution, but also to fit within our budget. So for me, being able to sit down with them and have very open and honest conversations about what I was able to do and what I wasn’t able to do. It really helped sell Masergy, I think right from the beginning.

When my peers in the industry asked, you know I point them towards Masergy. I would say, one, you’re gonna get a great customer service experience. Two, you’re gonna have a team of executives that are right there with you as you build this program and then execute it. The last piece to it is that, they’re gonna bring a great technology suite that’s gonna be custom-fit for each one of your sites, no matter how big or small, with a great management portal to be able to control that network and manage it for years to come.