Masergy Hybrid Networking Enables Scalable Connectivity

Masergy Hybrid Networking Enables Scalable Connectivity

Enterprises challenged by slow, rigid connectivity can immediately benefit from Masergy’s flexible Software Defined Platform to get unlimited VLANs with seamless identical services anywhere in the world.


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The role of the IT professional has never been more strategic. From the applications and systems that run your business to how your customers and partners engage, IT is essential to your success. Tying it all together is your network. It’s the central nervous system of your business. Striking the right balance between price and performance requires more than a one size fits all approach to networking.

You need a network unique to your business, one that’s optimized for your employees, customers, and the applications they use. So, how can you truly optimize your network with the right technologies working seamlessly together? The answer is Masergy’s fully-managed hybrid networking solutions. With an embedded layer of intelligent analytics and realtime service control, we make it easy to design, deploy, manage, and modify your network environment.

Use combinations of dedicated private access, dedicated internet access, and broadband internet access to connect your locations to our global platform. Once connected, deploy an unlimited number of virtual network environments to customize your infrastructure to achieve your unique objectives.

Our family of fully managed network functions are deployable on-premise, from the cloud, or virtualized, allowing you to deliver the right solution to the right location at the right time. And with our patented analytic and service control, you get realtime forensic visibility into network and application performance, and the ability to add and modify your services on the fly.

The end result is the industry’s best client experience. By simplifying the complex through automation, we deliver network solutions that are always optimized for your unique environment. Transform your business with smarter information technology, and spend less time managing and maintaining and more time strategically innovating. Contact us today for a free consultation.