Masergy “a revelation” for the CTO of Profit Enhancement Systems

Masergy “a revelation” for the CTO of Profit Enhancement Systems

After years as the CIO for Panavision, John Buccola became the CTO for IT consultancy Profit Enhancement Systems (PES). See how his years of partnering with Masergy to deliver innovative solutions made John a vocal supporter of Masergy Hybrid Networking, Managed Security, and Cloud Communications solutions.


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My company is called Profit Enhancement Systems, a Masergy partner, I actually hired Masergy twice. Once when I was a CIO for Panavision, and after that while I was a CIO for Wash. So I’m a two-time Masergy customer, and now I’m in the business of helping companies figure out which partners they should potentially work with for networking, security, and voice needs. So I learned about Masergy through my partner that, at the time, was at Profit Enhancement Systems PES, so, eventually I became part of the team, I’m their CTO. PES introduced my organization, Panavision, to Masergy based on our need to replace our network.

We, at the time, were looking at several different options, more traditional networking options, but Panavision is very much an aspirational brand, demands the very best, and so we were finding that the vendors that we were working with on the networking side just did not have the forward thinking in terms of what they were doing, where they were taking their product set, and so we first found Masergy it was a revelation because all of a sudden now here was a networking company that not only was pushing for the next generation of products and services, but also paired great customer service with that.

Masergy’s three core strengths are hybrid networking, SD networking, UC, so unified communications, and enterprise security, and I think having those three offerings together makes a tremendous amount of sense. If you pay a visit to Masergy’s labs, you’ll find that they are thinking about what’s next and then what’s after that, versus a lot of the carriers how are trying to leverage their investment that they’ve made from wire line businesses, or other businesses that they’ve purchased years and years ago, and they’re trying to ring out every last dollar out of that.

Masergy instead is saying, “You know what, what’s next? And how can we bring that to our customers? How can we integrate that into our offering?” And so not having the legacy of an old network, but having a pure ethernet network, an SD network that was designed ground up with a clean sheet of paper, they just approach things differently, and so there’s really not another company like them and I share that with a lot of CIOs just to say, you have to look at this because it’ll make you think differently about network providers.

You won’t think of it as a commodity. You won’t think of it as being a just simple speeds and feeds, and, you know, how many megs for how much cost. It’s more of, this is a completely different approach to how you think about your network, how you think about unified communications, and how you think about security, because they’ve packaged it in a way that brings best-in-class support along with best-in-class engineering, and that, it’s just a different approach to those three services.