How Masergy Unified Enterprise Security Works

How Masergy Unified Enterprise Security Works

Find out how Advanced Machine Intelligence and Big Data Analytics make a difference in protecting your network from Advanced Persistent Threats.


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If you’re involved with cyber security, you understand the challenges. You want to watch everything all the time. But that approach is seemingly unobtainable. Even if you could amass the budget needed, finding and retaining the expertise required is virtually impossible. We solve this dilemma by combining machine intelligence with continuous expert monitoring.

We do watch everything all the time. Protecting you from even the most advanced targeted threats. Here’s how it works: our next generation security platform employs advance machine learning and big data analytics that craves data. Lots of data. We process all raw data through our normalization engine that yields everything into a common consumable format. Normalized raw data is sent to our adaptive network behavioral analysis engine. Here, we conduct a series of multi-dimensional analyses via combinations of statistical analysis, temporal analysis, and feature detection to generate learned data.

Learned data and normalized raw data is sent to the correlation engine where cluster analyses are performed to generate related data. Both current and historical learned and related data sets are processed by our advanced machine learning engine to generate a current prediction of normal network behavior. The security analytics engine compares the current prediction of normal network behaviorto actual network behavior. Identifying and alerting on even the most subtle anomalies and suspicious traffic.

Our security experts analyze and dissect every alert. If an alert is confirmed a false positive, we apply customized learning sets to accelerate the machine learning to avoid future false positives. If an alert is confirmed a threat, we initiate incident response with detailed actionable remediation steps and automatically block traffic to stop the attack in it’s tracks.

At Masergy, we compliment your team with better threat prediction, protection, and detection to thwart even the most advanced threats. Contact us to learn more.