Masergy’s Software Defined Platform

Masergy’s Software Defined Platform

Masergy’s Software Defined Platform with Intelligent Analytics and Control helps enterprises overcome the 80-20 challenge.


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It’s a reality. Innovations and information technology are disrupting every business.Market leaders and new entrants alike must leverage new technologies and innovate to get ahead and stay ahead. But the fact is most IT organizations spend well over 80% of their time, energy and budget maintaining legacy infrastructure. Leaving little time to be strategic to their business.

Masergy software defined platform helps solve this dilemma. Our global platform power’s a trio of fully managed customizable solutions with an embedded layer of intelligent analytics and service controls. We make it easy to design, deploy, maintain and modify these essential IT solutions. Giving you back the time to strategically innovate and drive your business to the next level.

Bottom line, we fundamentally believe that by transforming IT you transform your business. And the best way to transform IT is with the right platform. The right solutions. And the right partner.