Michael Keithley, CIO of Creative Artists Agency talks Masergy

Michael Keithley, CIO of Creative Artists Agency talks Masergy

CIO, Michael Keithley talks about how Masergy’s agile delivery, advanced technologies and customized design made his decision to go 100% with Masergy easy.


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My name is Michael Keithly, I’m a Chief Information Officer at Creative Artists Agency.

Some of the challenges we had before we joined up with Masergy was really around, kind of I would say the bureaucracy in trying to deal with the incumbent legacy carriers. And the real killer for us was kind of the lack of agility, or lack of time to market, and then whenever we had challenges or any kind of issues, it was very hard dealing with those organizations.

I found that Masergy really was able to provision services, spin them up much quicker than kind of our legacy vendors, and the combination of kind of that speed of provisioning, and openness and transparency when and if there are any challenges, really differentiate Masergy.

We’ve found Masergy really has advanced technologies that really kind of push the envelope, which is really kind of something that aligns really well with my philosophy and CAA’s philosophy with technology.

Masergy’s been a great partner in kind of architecting and designing our evolution over time to the network that we have now, and Masergy has real top-notch network architects and designers that really helped us kind of think outside the box, at how we could evolve our network to where it is now.

When we first, you know, found out about Masergy we were somewhat skeptical, so we stayed with our kind of incumbent carriers and we had redundant carriers, and over time Masergy earned more and more of our business to the point now where we no longer have redundant carriers. We just have Masergy as our primary MPLS carrier and then we use the internet connectivity as a VPN failover. They have a right to be skeptical because certainly network connectivity is the backbone of everything. If that doesn’t work, you know, all your services are down. That could be career limiting.

Start with a little toe in the water and kind of get to know them, understand what Masergy is all about, what the value proposition is, and I’m confident that over time they’ll come to the same conclusion that I did, and go 100% with Masergy.