Mike McKenny, VP of Supplier Sales at Intelisys

Mike McKenny, VP of Supplier Sales at Intelisys

Learn why Intelisys partnered with Masergy to sell cutting-edge Managed Security, Hybrid Networking and Cloud Communications services to their enterprise customers.


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You know what excites me about Masergy’s products and services is that they’re really on the cutting, if not bleeding edge of what’s going on in the industry. Take their managed security, for example. We all know that’s the hot, you know, sexy conversation now around the watercooler, and Masergy’s been doing a great job for a long time.

Because of their architecture, the platform they operate off of, their own proprietary designs and so on they are a leader in that space. Then meld that into their other product platforms,like hybrid networks. Dovetail into that the whole migration that end user customers and enterprises are doing with regard to cloud communications.

It’s really a time in our industry where enterprises recognize that they need to look outside their own internal IT staff for solutions. It’s really refreshing to know we have a supplier in Masergy among over a hundred suppliers in our portfolio that talks about customer experience, but also delivers customer experience.

So when I get approached by one of our sales partners asking about, “Who is this company, Masergy?” I say, “You’ve got to check them out.” All I can tell you is they walk their talk, they have cutting edge technologies, you can sell them with confidence, install their solution, and really sleep well at night knowing that you’ve served your customer well.