• Get Everything in One Place with Masergy Communicator HUB

    Masergy Communicator HUB provides context to your business communications by bringing everything together in a single, cloud-based work environment. Communicator HUB “connects the dots” between who you’re communicating with and the emails, files, social media engagements, and messages you’ve shared with that person. With Communicator HUB each and every call, text, or chat happens in context, with the insights and data you need to strengthen your business.

  • Masergy Launches Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

    Learn from Jay Barbour, Director of Security Product Management at Masergy, about how our Managed Endpoint Detection & Response solution can help your business deny attackers a beachhead onto your network.

  • Masergy Provides Endless Possibilities For Your Company

    Whether you want to seamlessly connect your global locations, secure your digital assets or enhance collaboration – with Masergy, the possibilities are endless.

  • Gain Omni-channel flexibility with Masergy Cloud Contact Center

    Route all customer interactions--over voice, instant messaging, email, SMS and social media--to one or more teams, sites, or outsource partners. With Masergy Cloud Contact Center you get a single, global queue in the cloud to maximize your customers' satisfaction.

  • Encore Capital CIO: “Continuous Innovation” With Masergy

    Carl Eberling, CIO of Encore Capital, discusses how Masergy enables him to explore blockchain technology and be more strategic with his IT investments.

  • Eurostar Uses Masergy To Accelerate Their IT Performance

    Guillaume Turpin, IT Architecture Manager for Eurostar, explains how Masergy helped this UK-based train operator to be more innovative and productive.

  • Haldex Made Their IT More Dynamic Using Masergy

    See how Per Eriksson, CIO of Haldex, converged his numerous IT platforms into the cloud with innovative solutions from Masergy.

  • How Pattonair Leverages Masergy Hybrid Networking

    Pattonair is a global supply chain service provider of aircraft engine and systems manufacturers. Hear from Brian Long, CIO of Pattonair on why he chose Masergy Hybrid Networking to provide a flexible, software-defined network platform to serve their customers on four continents.

  • Why MarkLogic Chose Masergy Cloud Communications

    Listen to Jeff Thomas, VP of IT at MarkLogic, outline how Masergy Cloud Communications enables him to meet the needs of a fast-growing company at the forefront of the Big Data revolution.

  • Learn How Calypso Technologies Went Global With Masergy

    See why Russell Wong, Global Director of IT at San Francisco-based Calypso Technologies, chose Masergy Cloud Communications to seamlessly connect all of their offices in North America, Europe and Asia to enable a new level of employee collaboration.