How Pattonair Leverages Masergy Hybrid Networking

How Pattonair Leverages Masergy Hybrid Networking

Pattonair is a global supply chain service provider of aircraft engine and systems manufacturers. Hear from Brian Long, CIO of Pattonair on why he chose Masergy Hybrid Networking to provide a flexible, software-defined network platform to serve their customers on four continents.


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My name’s Brian Long. I’m the CIO of Pattonair. Pattonair is a leading supplychain solution provider and distribution of aerospace parts and solutions. One of the challenges we had with our previous provider was customer service. The network, yes, it was working, but as our business continues to grow and be flexible, our previous partner wasn’t moving with us and wasn’t moving fast enough and flexible for us.

One of the key differentiators that Masergy brings to us was that flexibility to be able to grow globally with us as we were growing. As Pattonair is flexible for our customers, Masergy is very flexible for us. I would say the two key things that help support our customers and grow with us, is the ability to change bandwidth as we need to change it and grow as we need it organically, as well as we can grow geographically, globally, as we continue to expand our business.

One of the key things for me that I recognize that the technology moves faster than what I can really keep up with. So, this was clearly a company that was an expert within their area that would be able to help me. Once the decision was made that we were gonna go with Masergy, it was quite an aggressive timeline to change over the network.

And, yes, this could be, for a CIO, one of the most risky things that any CIO would undertake. Swapping out a network is not an easy thing to do, all the risks that go with it. And I challenged Masergy, did my due dilligence, and continued to challenge it through the process, but each step along the process gave me a confidence that they almost foreseen problems before I even questioned them about it, saying, yes, we have this under control, or yep, you need to worry about this.

And it seemed like the were always one step ahead. Really, a testament to that is a year later, and the network is performing just absolutely as expected. I can confidently say, throughout the whole year, we haven’t had one outage that we missed an SLA due to our network. And that just speaks volumes for itself. So, the whole performance has exceeded our expectations. It does what we expected it to do.