Scott Evars, Principal and Co-founder of Bridgepointe Technologies

Scott Evars, Principal and Co-founder of Bridgepointe Technologies

Bridgepointe Technologies discusses the “phenomenal” products and support their customers receive from Masergy.


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So, we have been a partner of Masergy’s for over eight years. It’s been an exceptional experienc for us through and through. From bringing them in to our customers, trying to design networks and different solutions to meet our customers’ needs, all the way through implementation, billing, and just customer lifecycle management. For managed security, our customers, you know, when we meet with them, it’s certainly something that they’re asking for, because they can’t find solutions for it just with the tight job market
for security specialists.

So, we look to Masergy to bring them in as a big differentiator for us, when we’re meeting with our customers to help them solve that problem. As it relates to cloud communications, they’ve been one of our strongest partner. Hybrid cloud is something that we’ve always done with Masergy, since, you know, we started the relationship. And they just do a phenomenal job with our customers. Again, not only delivering a great product, but also helping them manage the network, and see where the problems are, where they may need to do upgrades, et cetera.

What makes Masergy’s customer experience better than anyone else is, on the front end, we work closely with the Masergy team to make sure that we’re delivering a product that our customer needs to solve their business problem. And then as we go through the implementation, acceptance, and billing, the Masergy team is there with us every step of the way, making sure the customer’s satisfied. And that’s really the key for us, is making sure that our
customers are happy. And so we’re confident every time a customer signs a Masergy contract, they’re gonna be happy.