See Why Smart Global Enterprises Choose Masergy

See Why Smart Global Enterprises Choose Masergy

Masergy’s hybrid networking, managed security and cloud communication solutions deliver guaranteed business outcomes with the best end-to-end client experience in the industry.


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The role of CIO has never been more strategic and in our fast paced, digital world, continuous IT innovation has become essential to business success. This means you need agile solutions that can deliver today and evolve to meet future business requirements. Big data, intelligent algorithms, the Internet of Things, these are the disruptive technologies that will transform business, but how can you strategically leverage these technologies when more than 80% of your time, energy and resources are spent just maintaining your legacy infrastructure?

Simple, choose Masergy. Our global software-defined platform powers three customizable solutions: Hybrid Networking, Managed Security, and Cloud Communications, all of which comes standard with our patented real-time analytics and service controls. Masergy Hybrid Networking Solutions makes it easy to design, deploy, manage, and modify your global network. By seamlessly integrating our powerful networking technologies with a comprehensive suite of essential managed network functions, we deliver the right solutions to the right locations at the right time.

Our global Cloud Communications Solutions are directly embedded in our global platform and can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure to maximize productivity anytime, anywhere, and on any device. And finally, our Managed Security Solutions combine patented machine
learning technology with continuous expert monitoring to protect your digital assets, whether they’re on
premise or in the cloud.

When you choose Masergy, we bring all these solutions together to become a true extension of your IT staff. And we do it with an end-to-end client experience that is verified as the best in the industry. Reach out and let us show you why Masergy is the strategic IT transformation partner of choice for smart global enterprises. Masergy, performance beyond expectations.