Teknion Gains Agility With Masergy

Teknion Gains Agility With Masergy

Hear Teknion’s CIO talk about how Masergy’s fully-managed hybrid network enabled the global manufacturing firm to be more agile in its customer delivery.


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My name is John Comacchio. I’m the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Teknion Incorporation. We are a manufacturer of high end office furniture. We’re a Mid Cap company and we have a worldwide footprint, which brings it’s own challenges. We had great difficulty connecting our sites worldwide. We had various suppliers in disparate countries. It became very difficult for us to trace, ya know, where our issues were and who was causing the issue.

My staff spent a lot of time chasing through and it became very unproductive. Masergy came to the table. They manage all that for us in a very strategic way. We could never have done that ourselves and I think that is very, very helpful to us. For our business, time to market is very key. We sell really to global 2,000 customers who have high demands on their own businesses, so we have to service and meet their needs as quickly as promised.

One thing that we have found is that time to market ability with Masergy is quite rapid and that helps our return on investment because we’re servicing our customers and we’re running our business and we’re not letting the network impede that. We’ve been a customer of Masergy for seven years now. They are a partner, not a vendor. I think that’s one of the key roles that I look for is a partner and they’ve always partnered with us. Whenever we have had any challenge together, they’ve always stepped up to that challenge.

Trying to provision a site faster, get it’s bandwidth faster, manage our routers faster, and also provide some innovative solutions for us. Many people ask me, as a CIO, who our network provider is and especially since they know that we are a company with a worldwide footprint, which is always a challenge for all global companies. I speak highly of Masergy. I always tell them that they provide me a direct and innovative solutions around the world.