CIOs Know Masergy Has The Best Client Experience

CIOs Know Masergy Has The Best Client Experience

Masergy delivers a customer experience that is game changing- – enabling customers to focus on their business while leaving system management and reliability to us, according to innovative companies.


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The customer service experience that I receive with Masergy is outstanding. It starts with the account team that’s assigned to us. Those guys are great. They’re actually lookin’ out for me. I feel like that they’re in the game for Hudson.

The managed service part is quite impressive, because in most cases, they tell us what’s going on and they inform us. They correct the problem before we even know, sometimes there is a problem.

The combination of that kind of speed of provisioning and openness and transparency when and if there are any challenges, really differentiate Masergy.

What I would tell,clearly my peers of the value of Masergy is clearly the customer experience and the service quality.

They are a partner, not a vendor. And I think that’s one of the key roles that I look for is a partner. And they’ve always partnered with us.

Know them, understand what Masergy’s all about, what the value proposition is and I’m confident that over time that they’ll come to the same conclusion I did and go 100% with Masergy.