Unisys Gets Bandwidth On-Demand From Masergy

Unisys Gets Bandwidth On-Demand From Masergy

Low latency, high availability & real-time bandwidth on demand are all key benefits that Unisys experienced with Masergy’s global hybrid network.


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I’m Chris Odom, Vice President of IT for Unisys Corporation. Unisys is a global IT service provider and we use Masergy for their global MPLS services. We run a very large voiceover IP network that consists of call center business and Microsoft unified communications, and we also have customer voice traffic that comes across our network. So Masergy provides us with MPLS connectivity into very remote parts of the world where we have call center operations. Running a large global voiceover IP network, Unisys had challenges reaching very remote areas, and we also had challenges with network stability and availability.

Masergy was able to provide managed network services on a global basis for us, low latency and high availability, so that supported our business operations. Unisys, having a lot of customer projects, we don’t often get enough advance notice to be able to change our bandwidth, so Masergy provides us the ability to get a bandwidth on demand functionality that gets us over that hump, so we can actually deliver faster for the customer and then adjust our permanent requirements as necessary. Masergy’s global bandwidth on demand has given us the ability to be very agile in our customer delivery.