Why Companies Choose Masergy Cloud Communications

Why Companies Choose Masergy Cloud Communications

Upgrade your company’s outdated phone system with Masergy’s feature-rich cloud communications solutions.


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The telephone. This 140 year old technology hasn’t evolved, and is on the verge of extinction. Today, businesses rely
on a variety of systems to efficiently collaborate. Unfortunately, most are stitched together at best, and completely siloed at worst. Siloed systems don’t
maximize productivity, and are expensive and time consuming for your IT department to maintain. That’s why Masergy created Cloud Communications. Our fully integrated solutions save you time and money while maximizing user productivity, and we do it with a guaranteed level of performance, and the proven best customer experience in the industry.

Whether you want to deploy over the weekend or gradually over a year, Masergy can customize a migration path to Cloud Communications that perfectly meets your business needs. Squeeze more life from an IP PBX with intelligent SIP trunking. Open a new office with fully-hosted UC as a service. Negotiate a deal with our Masergy Communicator mobile app, and streamline client engagement with our web RTC technologies, and easy integrations to
Salesforce, Skype for Business, and other top business apps.

Masergy Cloud Communications has the must-have unified communications features that work seamlessly together to delight your workforce and your clients.
Our experts help design the optimal UC solution for your company’s unique business requirements, guaranteeing you get the outcome you want. Masergy Cloud Communications is directly embedded into an advanced global software-defined platform that we own and operate. That means Masergy delivers
an integrated UC experience with amazing performance and resiliency that no other provider can match. And we give you realtime analytics, on-demand service controls, and 24/7 live global support that make your job easier.

Masergy Cloud Communications gives you a customized path to cloud UC with guaranteed performance, and an industry-leading client experience. Available anywhere your business does business. Bottom line, Masergy gives your company a better experience for business communications.

Transform your business with smarter communications and collaboration. Contact us to get enterprise-grade solutions anytime on any device, anywhere in the world with Masergy Cloud Communications. Masergy, performance beyond expectations.