Why MarkLogic Chose Masergy Cloud Communications

Why MarkLogic Chose Masergy Cloud Communications

Listen to Jeff Thomas, VP of IT at MarkLogic, outline how Masergy Cloud Communications enables him to meet the needs of a fast-growing company at the forefront of the Big Data revolution.


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Our big push for the next couple of years is globalization. We need a provider that can go there with us and is already there where we need to go.

I’m Jeff Thomas. I’m the Vice President of IT and Facilities for MarkLogic Corporation. I’m responsible for MarkLogic’s infrastructure and facilities operations worldwide. MarkLogic has grown from just a couple hundred people to approaching 600 people worldwide, in countries in Europe, in Asia Pacific and now more than half of the workforce is global workforce, rather than just here in the US. When I went looking for communications partners who could handle our globalization, Masergy powered by Cisco/BroadSoft was really the only one I could find that both was willing to go there with us and was already in the places we needed to be.

Simplifying communication, making it easier for people to be able to talk to each other means that their effectiveness is that much greater. They don’t have to waste time trying to find somebody, trying to determine if they’re online or available. It’s just there in their client. The flexibility of the system lets us open a new office in a new city in just days, really. We ship them some new phones, we plug it in, the network is up, everything works. The global features that they have that others don’t really make it a no-brainer for a global business.

We’ve always had people in our growing workforce worldwide using whatever tools they could find locally in the absence of one really coherent tool they could all use together. The Masergy Cisco/BroadSoft platform helps us bring all those people together and give them one thing that they can use to communicate effectively.