Why Top Partners Always Choose Masergy

Why Top Partners Always Choose Masergy

Learn why the tech industry’s top channel partners and agents from CDW, Intelisys, AVANT, PlanetOne, Bridgepointe Technologies and ATC prefer to sell Masergy Hybrid Networking, Managed Security and Cloud Communications solutions.


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When I get approached by one of our sales partners asking about who is this company Masergy? I say you’ve got to check them out.

If a partner isn’t talking to Masergy, they’re certainly missing the boat.

What makes Masergy truly unique and excites me is the ability to have a company that can offer a hybrid network that has the latest and greatest technologies, wrap it with cloud communications, which everyone is looking for, and that the managed security product is something that’s revolutionary and no one else has.

So we recommend Masergy to our customers at its core because we know that what we present to our customers and what they sign for, Masergy will deliver.

We recently had a client say what else does Masergy sell, we’ll buy anything from them, that their experience was that good.

I think what I like most about working with Masergy from a partner perspective is how engaged they are with not only my team, but how engaged they are with the customer experience.

One of the reasons why I like Masergy is in my 30 years of experience in the telecom world, it’s been truly enlightening to work with a company that’s so customer focused, all the way from the CEO down to the employees.

Working with the Masergy partner organization is a cut above anybody else in the industry, and it’s really not for us like a business relationship, in many ways it’s like an extension of our family.

I think the entire partner community agrees that Masergy’s customer service is bar none better than any other service provider in the business.