Transforming Enterprise Security with Advanced Analytics

Transforming Enterprise Security with Advanced Analytics

Cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated attack methods. To stop them, corporate IT security teams must learn to handle both the volume and intensity of these attacks. So how can your IT team leverage big data analytics and continuous security monitoring to detect and mitigate the damage hackers do to an enterprise network?

Ed Ferrara, Forrester Research Vice President, Principal Analyst joins Masergy panelists Mike Stute, Chief Scientist and Craig D’Abreo, Vice President of Security Operations to explore the critical issues affecting cybersecurity and outline the latest defense strategies needed to thwart these attacks.

Security Professionals who attend this webinar will learn:

  • Why overwhelming threats will force enterprises to ​look to Big Data to strengthen their detection and response capabilities
  • How you can detect advanced persistent threats (APT) before they adversely impact your business
  • How companies are transforming their security posture with the combination of advanced analytics, machine learning and continuous security monitoring

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