Why Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN Is The World’s Most Reliable, Agile, Cost-Effective, and Secure Solution for Global Enterprises

SD-WAN is a compelling approach to extend wide area networks to meet new business and application performance requirements. Masergy offers Managed SD-WAN to meet each client’s unique needs with customizable solutions and built-in security capabilities.

  • Explore key SD-WAN business drivers
  • Learn why not all solutions are created equal
  • Get a list of the benefits and features of Masergy’s solution

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Organizations are leveraging technology to transform the way they conduct business, from the products and services they deliver to the manner in which they interact with customers, partners, and employees. This digital transformation is critical to success and requires a fundamental reconsideration of information technology (IT) strategy.

SD-WAN business drivers

The increased adoption of public cloud services and software as a service (SaaS), the ubiquity of broadband access, and new specialized enterprise applications are key trends driving digital transformation. To fully harness these disruptive trends, a fundamental shift in the design and delivery of the enterprise network – the central nervous system of the modern enterprise – is required. Legacy, one-size-fitsall networks are rigid and lack the flexibility and programmability that innovative companies require to gain a competitive edge in today’s digital world. Enterprise networks need to be dynamic and secure. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a compelling edge technology that can enhance the WAN to meet new business and application performance requirements. It combines application and transport enhancing capabilities with centralized orchestration for rapid service deployment. The ability to provide centralized control of WAN traffic flows over multiple network paths along with access to secure, dynamic, and cost-effective connectivity has put SD-WAN technology in the spotlight.

Aligning business needs

SD-WAN is making the network edge more flexible than ever before, giving CIOs the power to diversify their WAN connectivity with both private and public access/transport while simultaneously simplifying bandwidth management. But this new level of agility brings with it much responsibility. The network must be designed and deployed in ways that optimize WAN interoperability, performance visibility, and application reliability. Plus, it must be monitored and managed on an ongoing basis. While the some enterprises may have the in-house resources for a DIY SD-WAN strategy, most prefer to leverage a managed SD-WAN service due to the complexities involved and the desire to have a single provider manage every aspect of their WAN environment.

Managed SD-WAN: integrated solutions

Masergy, a pioneer in software-defined networking, created Managed SD-WAN, a solution seamlessly integrated with Masergy’s global Software Defined Network Platform. This innovative approach simplifies the design, deployment, and management of enterprise networking solutions.

An innovative approach to SD-WAN

Masergy’s secure SD-WAN edge architecture delivers the most cost-effective, agile, and reliable SD-WAN solution in the industry. No more rip and replace. A single secure device serves as the foundation for every Masergy network design, delivering feature rich SD-WAN, full routing, firewall, and unified threat management capabilities. And with optional Secure Switching and Secure Wi-Fi, service delivery anywhere on the globe, has never been easier.

Every business, and the applications that drive it, is unique. It stands to reason that an optimal networking environment for one business may be far from optimal for a different business. With Masergy Managed SDWAN as the foundation, optimizing your network has never been easier. Customizing the solution that is right for your business requires understanding:

  1. your application environment,
  2. your users, and
  3. your desired network architecture.

Balance price, performance, and risk

The key to building a price-performance optimized WAN is to design based on your desired end state. Risk tolerance is a major factor as branch offices can get by with public broadband but HQ requires a private links with redundancy. Flexibility is needed so you can rapidly re-optimize as your needs change. Masergy Managed SD-WAN is a key enabler of that flexibility

Masergy SD-WAN solutions are access agnostic. This means you can leverage both public and private connections, mixing and matching access and transport options including dedicated Internet, broadband internet, wireless xG, MPLS, and E-LAN for the unparalleled flexibility and power that every modern network requires. Bring our own bandwidth or we can fully manage every aspect around the globe. This flexibility helps each business strike the optimal balance between price and performance by location.

Because more of your applications are moving to the cloud, Masergy provides direct private connections to over 200 cloud and SaaS providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We also put service level agreements around the cloud service to guarantee performance.

Masergy delivers the world’s most reliable, secure, and cost-effective SD-WAN solutions purpose built for the enterprise.

Masergy Managed SD-WAN

Since the initial launch of Managed SD-WAN, Masergy has leveraged real-world client engagements to drive our SD-WAN innovation agenda. Today, Managed SDWAN delivers all the “must have” core features, plus enhanced security and routing capabilities that set it apart from the competition. Natively integrated with the Masergy Software Defined Platform to simplify hybrid deployments, customers appreciate an affordable solution that reflects Masergy’s position as the “all of the benefits and none of the risks” choice for SD-WAN. With Masergy, SD-WAN is not an all or nothing decision. Deploy Masergy Managed SD-WAN site-to-site, or siteto-cloud, or a little of both and let the Masergy Software Defined Platform handle all interoperability.

Key features of Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN include:

  • Fully Integrated for easy Hybrid Networking deployments. Unparalleled flexibility to design, deploy, and modify your network with the comprehensive Masergy Hybrid Networking portfolio of fully integrated solutions.
  • True zero-touch provisioning. Businesses do not need any IT staff for configuring and booting up the SDWAN device or virtual instance.
  • Centralized orchestration. With centralized policy and configuration management, businesses attain coordinated and automated management of services and can streamline adjustments due to changing network patterns, new applications, and performance requirements.
  • Automatic IP-VPN encrypted tunnels. The enterprise standard for data encryption builds in security assurance for all VPN tunnels.
  • Granular network analysis and reporting. Built in single pane-of-glass visibility into network health delivered from a unified portal.
  • Active-active configuration. Businesses can leverage primary and backup circuits simultaneously while still supporting failover requirements, providing better bang for the buck and resiliency.
  • Connectivity to cloud partners. Direct connectivity to top cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and over 200 enterprise SaaS providers with industry-unique service level agreements ensures steady application performance.
  • Application-based routing. Customers gain the advantage of building intelligence into the network to route traffic from their business-critical apps for maximum performance (e.g. prioritizing HD video conferencing traffic over sales database traffic).
  • Dynamic path control. A way for organizations to automatically switch to defined WAN links as needed. This feature provides real-time traffic steering to diverse WAN links, intelligently using all available bandwidth to enable sophisticated failover recovery in the event of an outage or brownout.
  • Embedded next-gen firewall (with optional unified threat management) and routing. Avoid the expense of a technology refresh and greatly simplify network architectures with these natively integrated capabilities.

Masergy consistently delivers the world’s best customer experience (and has the numbers to prove it).

Innovation, secure, and fully managed

Masergy Managed SD-WAN delivers cost-effective and feature-rich solutions for your enterprise applications environments. You’ll benefit from our innovative technology that combines seamless and secure WAN interoperability with an award-winning customer experience.

All Masergy network solutions are SD-WAN enabled by default, allowing each enterprise to strike the optimal balance between price and performance. Masergy’s reputation for delivering an industry-leading customer experience means a dedicated team of renowned Solutions Engineers will work side-by-side with you to define your ideal approach based on your desired outcomes. Once your solution is deployed, it is managed, monitored, and proactively supported 24/7 by certified professionals in our global network operations centers.


SD-WAN aims to provide an effective means for companies to make maximum use of all the bandwidth they are paying for. That promise is realized with Masergy. Our solutions deliver the most advanced SDWAN features and services on the market, mitigating the risks and expenses associated with deploying any new technology on your own.

Masergy Managed SD-WAN solutions offer seamless integration with Masergy’s other Layer 2 and Layer 3 virtual networking instances to assure all locations and applications get the performance they need. This, along with a myriad of other capabilities, showcase that these secure, managed SD-WAN solutions meet the diverse needs of enterprises based on their application, cloud connectivity, and location requirements.

Masergy does not deploy technology for technology’s sake. Our solution engineers will work with you to design and deploy network solutions optimized for your unique application mix and business priorities. Our goal is to give your company more rewards in the way of flexibility, control, and savings, all at no risk, by aligning the technology to your business needs and fully managing the services you require.

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