MSSP Buyer Guide: What to look for in a modern managed security services provider

Authors: John Burke, CTO, and Johna Till Johnson, CEO, of Nemertes

Protecting data, devices, and networks was challenging enough when they were contained within the four walls of the enterprise. Now with so many workloads in the cloud and employees working remotely, security is even more difficult. As a result, most companies need the help of a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). According to research firm Nemertes, some companies see threat containment speeds increase by as much as 50% after switching to an MSSP. But how do you choose the right provider? Nemertes offers their guidance in this buyer’s guide.

  • Get a 15-point checklist with standards addressing strategy, services, and technologies
  • Learn how some providers are strategic enablers of Zero Trust, while others aren’t
  • Explore services that can create additional synergies, taking security insights deeper

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