• Advanced Threats Demand Advanced Security Strategies

    There's a new landscape dominated by advanced persistent threats and many organizations are finding that SIEM technology is not sufficient by itself to address these growing problems. To jumpstart threat protection, many companies are turning to Managed Security Service Providers.

  • Rethink Your Security Strategy

    How do over 100 IT security professionals at large enterprises in North America evaluate and leverage managed security service providers (MSSPs)? Forrester’s Technology Adoption Profile survey explains

  • Protect Your Business With Secure Communications

    A Cloud Communications solution should provide your enterprise with the latest technologies needed to mitigate against security breaches that can disrupt business activities. Learn how Masergy’s UCaaS security features ensure the confidentiality of your business communications.

  • CISOs Need More Than Perimeter Defenses

    In a world of expansive network borders, security professionals must look beyond traditional data protection methods. Learn about an integrated framework that creates a holistic detection and response ecosystem.

  • The Enterprise Network Enables Business Innovation

    Leading CIOs see their network as a business platform and a key enabler of product innovation. See how CIOs can develop a business-centered network strategy.

  • Security is a Big Data Problem

    Corporate security systems, from firewalls to intrusion detection products generate massive amounts of data. Turning that data into insights is one of the biggest challenges. Understand how AI tools are better managing increasingly complex security ecosystems.

  • An Integrated Approach to Managed Security

    Businesses have invested in a number of discrete solutions to address particular security needs. While all of them serve a useful purpose, they operate as silos. And they all have their limitations.