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Empower your remote workforce with security, remote connectivity, and cloud collaboration in one platform

Work and collaborate from any device, anywhere

The world is demanding new ways of working. The pandemic, digital services, and Millennials are all challenging companies to rethink their business models.

Requirements for a work-from-anywhere business model

  • Security for remote workers must protect endpoints and information whether it’s in the cloud or traversing the public internet
  • Corporate communications tools must deliver high-quality VoIP and video conferencing across the globe
  • IT teams must have the underlying network agility, applications, and security to enable working from anywhere
  • Contact centers must migrate to cloud applications in order to accommodate at-home agents

87% of people work remotely

Just 12.4% of companies plan to bring their employees back to the office on a full-time basis once it is safe to do so

— Metrigy Workplace Collaboration study of more than 475 organizations

Security, connectivity, and collaboration in one platform

One partner is all you need to address the challenges of remote work once and for all. With Masergy, one cloud platform covers security for the network, the cloud, and all your user devices. Plus, it provides remote SD-WAN connectivity and unified communications solutions from the brands you trust like Webex® and Microsoft® Teams. Now all the same collaboration applications and security protections you have at the office can be available everywhere. Moreover, any workspace — no matter where it’s located — can deliver enterprise-class performance and security.

SD-WAN Secure Home

Designed for executives and power users requiring the most reliable connection from their home offices, Masergy keeps work-from-home employees connected with secure, high-performance SD-WAN links to your corporate network.

  • Improve cloud application performance for employees using their home internet service
  • Enhance security by separating employee network activities from their family’s internet usage
  • Make security intrinsic to remote access–the Fortinet SD-WAN device includes integrated next-generation firewall, router, and secure WiFi

SD-WAN On the Go

For mobile knowledge workers needing secure access to corporate and cloud applications, SD-WAN On the Go is a software-based solution delivering VPN connectivity with enhanced, cloud-native security. (Product available Nov. 2020.)

  • Securely connect employee-owned and corporate-owned devices to the network
  • Establish secure access using VPNs with IPsec tunnels and next-generation endpoint protection 
  • Enable a SASE-based approach to security with location- and identity-based access as well as comprehensive security services

Secure VPN connections

When every remote employee becomes a branch office to provision, Masergy offers rapid-deploy VPN connections backed by software-defined agility and cloud-native security.

  • Use encryption for securely connecting remote workers to the corporate WAN
  • Dial up and down connections, tunnels, links, loops, and bandwidth faster and easier–Masergy’s cloud platform is software defined all across the globe
  • Ensure security and failover with redundant IPsec tunnels and fully a managed service–Masergy provides 24/7 security threat monitoring and response services

Supercharge your broadband connection with Masergy Performance Edge™

You no longer need to sacrifice service quality when using public broadband connections with your SD-WAN  or SASE deployments. Masergy Performance Edge is a patent-pending technology that boosts your broadband connection, making it perform more like a private Ethernet circuit.

Endpoint security for your remote workforce

More than half of IT professionals cite endpoint security as their top concern. That’s because more than half of employees use their personal devices for work, creating additional easy entry points for cyber attackers.

Get turnkey protection from Masergy’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. With technology, security analytics, and SOC services all in one solution, you can scale security to cover every endpoint and gain a trusted cybersecurity partner.

What COVID-19 Teaches IT

Lessons Learned from ZK Research


Powering productivity with best-of-breed cloud applications

Access to cloud applications is the first thing employees need to work from home, but it’s not just about handing out licenses to cloud communications tools. IT leaders need to take a holistic approach to cloud migration and technology enablement.

Digital collaboration tools: Email and phone calls alone are not enough–remote workers require more tools to stay connected. Video conferencing maintains the cultural structure of the virtual enterprise, and Team Collaboration applications solve a multitude of needs from file sharing to getting questions answered quickly. Masergy’s unified communications solutions are powered by Cisco, so you get best-of-breed cloud applications alongside a fully managed service that delivers a world-class experience.

SIP-powered migration and high performance: Two IT challenges typically stand in the way of migrating communications to the cloud–existing PBX systems and the high-quality network service needed to deliver crystal clear VoIP and video conferences. The good news is, Masergy solves both problems. With SIP trunking and complete PSTN replacement, you don’t have to abandon your old PBX systems. Instead, you can overlay new technologies, migrating on a schedule that works with your needs. Plus, Masergy embeds Webex applications into our software-defined network platform, so your global users get pristine audio, video, and team collaboration–all with service quality commitments and built-in security.

IDG Study: 93% of IT leaders prefer unified communications bundled with network services

Dialing satisfaction up with at-home agents

Setting up virtual agents can be intimidating, but cloud contact center applications make it simple. Agents just need a computer, an internet connection and a softphone with a headset. Powered by Cisco, Masergy’s Cloud Contact Center solutions natively support agents working from home–regardless of endpoints or physical location.

Virtual contact center management tools: Managing at-home agents requires visibility and on-demand tools, which are the centerpiece of Masergy’s offerings. From virtual agents, dynamic scheduling with agent participation, quality management, to a plethora of analytics and “voice-of-the-customer” insights, you’ll have the information you need to manage remotely. And don’t stress about changes–it takes only a few clicks to make call routing adjustments.

5-day quick deployment options: If you’re looking to quickly ramp up at-home agents, Masergy’s quick-deploy solutions can help you rapidly implement applications and services. In about five days, Masergy can have agents up and running with included toll/local number access.

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