SASE: SD-WAN and security in one cloud strategy

A secure access service edge from one provider

What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE, pronounced “sassy”) defines a new category of solutions as “converged offerings combining WAN capabilities with network security functions.” These solutions consolidate a swath of network and security capabilities into a single cloud-based service from one provider. By uniting point solutions into one cloud platform, technology silos are broken and IT complexity is replaced by visibility and ease of management. The end result is a synergy across both IT domains; under the SASE model, network and security have officially come together.

SASE solutions include:

  • SD-WAN
  • Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)
  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

SASE adoption has accelerated by 94% due to the need for digital services and remote work

— CIO "SASE Market Trends Study"

Masergy delivers on SASE's core capabilities and more

Security must be intrinsic to the network, and Masergy has been uniting the two IT domains into one service strategy for years. Masergy embeds security into our SD-WAN and private SD-network, meeting the key tenets of the Secure Access Security Edge (SASE) model. Plus, clients get the freedom to choose from a wide menu of other network and security services.

Supercharge your broadband connection with Masergy Performance Edge™

You no longer need to sacrifice service quality when using public broadband connections with your SD-WAN  or SASE deployments. Masergy Performance Edge is a patent-pending technology that boosts your broadband connection, making it perform more like a private Ethernet circuit.

Why Masergy for SASE

  • Global SD-network integrated with best-of-breed cybersecurity technologies
  • Hybrid next-gen firewalls and secure web gateway solutions
  • CASB solutions + identity-based WAN analytics
  • Managed security capabilities that go beyond SASE
  • SASE + AIOps: SASE with a virtual network assistant

Best-of-breed security technologies in one SASE offering

Masergy has integrated market-leading cybersecurity technologies with its secure edge network, partnering with Leaders in their respective Gartner Magic Quadrants to deliver a converged solution.

Differentiated SASE capabilities

Masergy's SD-WAN

  • AI-based automation and flexible service options
  • A global, software-defined edge network
  • The industry’s most competitive SLAs

Cloud Firewalls

  • Hybrid flexibility to put firewalls in the cloud and on-prem
  • Global firewall availability and SOC services
  • Consistent security policies across all SD-WAN devices


  • Rapid deployment and scalability for faster time to value
  • Tight integration for a unified service experience
  • Services managed 24/7 by Masergy’s security analysts

Secure Web Gateway

  • Protection at the packet level and at the application level
  • Deep visibility into applications and users
  • Tight integration with cloud firewall services

Zero Trust Network Access

Coming soon: Masergy continues to build capabilities for single sign on, authentication, and authorization based on user, device, and location, which enforces highly granular access controls on a need-to-have basis.

SASE Buyer’s Guide

ZK Research explains how SASE unites SD-WAN with security and which considerations can help you navigate this emerging new market.

Network and security analytics all in one portal

In 2017, Masergy began building security analytics into our network services management portal. Clients immediately noticed greater visibility for performance optimization and accelerated security threat response. The client portal includes security features like:

  • Shadow IT Discovery: Automatically scans and identifies potential threats from cloud-based SaaS applications running on your network
  • Identity-Based WAN Analytics: Detailed per-user statistics across all applications are essential in developing a Zero Trust security strategy
  • Full network visibility for faster security investigation and response
    • East/west and north/south (server-to-server) traffic within the data center
    • Client-to-server traffic outside the data center network

SASE architecture really matters

“Be wary of vendors that propose to deliver [SASE] services by linking a large number of features via VM service chaining, especially when the products come from a number of acquisitions or partnerships. This approach may speed time to market but will result in inconsistent services, poor manageability and high latency,” warned Andrew Lerner, V.P. of Networking Research at Gartner, in his blog article introducing SASE.

It’s important to avoid patchworked SASE services, and the degree to which the underlying SASE architecture is standardized distinguishes seamless SASE platforms from mere solution sets where vendors have cobbled together parts and pieces. The key is to have one transparent ecosystem where all SASE capabilities share a common infrastructure for superior interoperability and visibility from edge to edge.

Solution providers typically use their own private network to serve as the underlying platform, and it’s here where Masergy’s underlying network architecture stands out.

  • Standardized SD-architecture: Masergy’s global, private network is entirely software defined, built on a ubiquitous SD-architecture around the world
  • Common infrastructure: Every newly added technology and application interoperates as equal partners on the same operating system
  • Transparent interoperability: One ecosystem delivers the visibility and centralized management needed to achieve superior performance

More reasons to love Masergy for SASE and SD-WAN

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